The military uses unique BTR-4MV1 and BMP-1TC in battles

BMP-1TC of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. June 2022. Ukraine
BMP-1TC of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. June 2022. Ukraine
© Photo: DShV ZSU
Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 08 2022 at 08:52 pm

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use unique Ukrainian combat vehicles in battles.

A Ukrainian-made BTR-4MV1 combat vehicle was recently spotted at the front .

BTR-4MV1 is a modification of the BTR-4 armored vehicle, an all-wheel drive eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier developed in Ukraine by the Kharkiv Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering.

It is designed to transport soldiers of mechanized units and fire support in combat. An armored personnel carrier can be a basic machine for equipping special rapid reaction units and marines.

Armored personnel carrier BTR-4MV1 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. June 2022. Ukraine. Photo: @Arslon_Xudosi

On the basis of BTR-4 it is possible to manufacture armored vehicles of other types, such as command and staff, repair and evacuation, sanitary and others.

The armored vehicle has undergone the following changes compared to the basic modification: a new shape of the body in the bow, no armored glass and side doors, landing of the driver and commander is carried out through separate hatches.

Ukrainian BTR-4MV1 in Peru. November 2021

The BTR-4MV1 uses a modular approach to the construction of armor protection, actively used spaced armor. This allows you to quickly replace the elements of the upper layer of armor in the field, so that the protection of the BTR-4MV1 significantly exceeds any model of armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle, which is currently in service with Ukrainian defenders.

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