The Ukrainian military uses M224 mortars in combat

Mortar M224 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. May-June 2022
Mortar M224 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. May-June 2022
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Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Kostiantyn Golubtsov

Published: June 05 2022 at 11:23 pm

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use M224 light mortars made in the USA. The M224 60 mm light mortar is a smoothbore muzzle-loading weapon with a large angle of fire used to directly support ground forces.

It was widely used by the United States in the war in Afghanistan.

The installation consists of a bipod and a base plate, which is equipped with screw mechanisms for lifting and moving. It is usually used at the level of an infantry company.

Recently, soldiers of the 36th Separate Brigade of the Marines of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released a video with the combat work of this mortar.

Probably Ukraine received mortars as part of American military-technical assistance.

Watervliet Arsenal (Watervliet, New York) began work on the M224 mortar in 1970, which was approved in 1973.

Only in 1978 the 60-mm company mortar M224 was adopted.

The M224 LWCMS (Light Company Mortar System) replaced the older (World War II-era) 60mm M2 and M19 mortars.

In 2011, an improved version of the M224A1 was adopted.

Comparison of 60 mm M224, / M224A1 mortar weapon systems with M7 / M8 base plate with M170A1 mortar bipods and M67 sight

Although the M224 was designed to fire all types of old munitions, its main munitions belong to the new type with a longer range of up to about 3,500 meters.

M224 shells have three types of detonators: the multi-detonator (M734), the point detonator (M525) and the timer detonator. The M734 is used for the M720 high-explosive projectile.

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